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Friends of the Three Parishes Hall

For some time now the Three Parishes Hall has been experiencing a drop in interest and use by the local community. Although some refurbishment has taken place it has not resulted in a great improvement in the interest in the hall. It is proposed to build up a group of friends for the hall to help sustain it in the long term.

What will the friends do?
The friends will be a source of help and advice as well as a limited form of fund raising. This will involve:
> Acting as a focus group to bounce around ideas for future events and improvements.
> To be a reservoir of potential helpers for activities, committees and maintenance.
> To be advocates for the village hall in the villages.
> To be a village hall activity in their own right. - Organising their own events
> Paying a small annual subscription (Suggestion of £30 per year or £2.50 per month).

What will the friends get in return?
> Priority and reduced rates for booking the hall. 
> Invitation to a friends annual party.
> Entry into an annual draw for a suitable prize.
> On signing up, two free tickets to Flyford Flix.

How will it work?
> Initially, a target of 20 friends in the first instance spread across the villages. 
> Advertise on the website and in the Flyford Family News and by personal invitation.
> Develop a fund which can be used for grants to the The Villages Hall from time to time.
> Friends can be either individuals or organisations.

For more information, please contact Mark Broughton Taylor at:

Or setup your subscription:
Sort Code: 30-99-90
Account Number: 0741 9967